Huge Benefits Of Cannabis

       There is no such thing as a “complete list” of cannabis health benefits. Some states are listing as many as 40 health conditions that is worth treatment under medical marijuana legislation, but there is every sign that the list will continue to grow. For instance, using cannabis seems to help lung problems as a pleasant alternative to tobacco smoking. It is often mentioned to reduce depende...[Read More]

Marijuana And Fibromyalgia

      People who suffers from fibromyalgia can’t explain the pain to anybody. It can be their biggest frustration. And, that leads to anxiety, depression, and stress on top of the pain. Causes are unknown, symptoms are inconsistent, and treatments are unreliable. This only adds to the mystery and the difficulty living with the disorder. Diagnosis seeks to clarify the symptoms to differentiate the ...[Read More]

Does Cannabis Intoxication Exists?

    Too much of everything is bad, right? People usually wonders if smoking a lot of cannabis will cause them to overdose and die. It’s natural to worry as many other substances that people use medically and recreational, have adverse effects. Check our guide here on the low toxicity of cannabis and the likelihood of overdosing on cannabis. Cannabis Studies and Reports The Centers for Disease Cont...[Read More]

Even Athlete’s Using Weed. Why?

Oh, yes, you read it right. Weed. Cannabis a.k.a as Marijuana or Weed, among other names, is a psychoactive drug used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Cannabis both mentally and physically affects your state of being, including giving a “high” or “stoned” feeling of relaxation, euphoria (heightened mood), visual illusions, increased awareness of sensation, distortions in the perceptio...[Read More]

Marijuana Treating Vascular Dementia

     Nearly a quarter of stroke patients will experience what is called vascular dementia. This condition, which is more common in men than women, is also associated with Alzheimer’s. Vascular dementia impairs the brain’s ability to think. It is caused by a lack of blood flow and is considered incurable. Medications help prevent it from happening or slow down its progress. Marijuana and CBD oils a...[Read More]

Tips On Saving Weeds But Still Getting High

Unfortunately, the marijuana coffers aren’t always overflowing. Just to quote Boston George’s father from Blow, “Sometimes you’re flush, and sometimes you’re bust.” Whether you’re between jobs or between dealers, it’s worth knowing how to best conserve your weed. We put together this guide to blazing on a budget to help you extend the life expectancy of your stash. Don’t Roll Joins As much as we l...[Read More]

Best Tips Of Smoking Marijuana

        There’s a moment of life where I would always give out marijuana consumption etiquette tips, which people always found very informative. When I first became a cannabis consumer in the mid-90’s, the internet was readily available for me to query all of my marijuana questions. I had to learn the proper etiquette that goes along with being a responsible marijuana consumer the old fashio...[Read More]

Prohibiting Marijuana Is Just Wrong

         Legalization or decriminalization of using cannabis has been a contentious issue for decades, but with Colorado and Washington recently making recreational use of the drug legal and several other states poised to vote on the issue at November elections, the discussion and controversy has become more heated. Does legalizing marijuana make it safer, as Larry A. Bedard, MD, argues here? Or d...[Read More]

Watering Marijuana Plants The Right Way

        Does your marijuana plants looks unhealthy? If so, you might over watered or under watered them. When it comes to watering your marijuana plants, there are a number of factors that will determine how much and how often you should be watering them. These factors include the size of the plant, the size of the container your plant is growing in, the canopy, the root level, the temperature of ...[Read More]

The Real Effect Of Marijuana To Your Body

         These days, there’s an incessant chatter about the merits of making marijuana legal. 30 years ago it was criminalized every way possible.  Why? because being American meant eating corn,  cracking open a bud, or gnoshing on a good burger……but not smoking a joint. Now it’s legalized for medicinal use in 37 states and for casual use in 2.   There’s probably more to come.  The amount of peopl...[Read More]